Monday, August 12, 2013

Rylan - Need A Name Remix (orig. Amarante)

I’ve reviewed Amarante at least once before. They’re an adorable duet; a husband-and-wife band from Fresno, California. Indie, folksy-pop is their game, but they are always open to other artists remixing their work, and it often yields very nice results. I’m also working on a remix of one of their songs; stay tuned!

Need A Name, a European electronic/ambient producer specializes in several different aspects of the music biz: In addition to writing original pieces, you can find remixes, original audio software, and employ audio mastering services at the Need A Name official site.

This remix is very reminiscent of deep house or DnB (largely due to the drum fill pattern and big bass drop), but doesn’t undermine the delicacy of the original track, which you might want to hear as well… hear, here!

Hope you dig it. ;-)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Carry Me, Ohio - Owsey & Dustin Christensen (cover)

Nostalgia, anyone? Sad songs? If you were looking, you’ve found it— this heartfelt cover of Sun Kil Moon’s “Carry Me, Ohio” by Owen Ferguson (Owsey) and Dustin Christensen is sure to move a few hearts, and maybe even trigger a tear or two if the right person listens to it in the right mood.

Though Owen is known for vast, sweeping ambient pieces with clear vocal samples, this song is definitely folk with a minor soundscape angle. Owen’s higher harmonies interplay well with Dustin’s lower croon (rather reminiscent of Sting in “Fields of Gold”), and their unison singing is often spot-on. The timbres of their voices are so similar; one gets the impression that they’ve been singing together all their lives.

This one’s a free download (link on the right side of the widget)! Hope you enjoy. Have a great Monday!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Meridian - Scintillation!

Luke Laurila, a rather young producer from Ohio, is steadily growing more and more apt at earning his handle, “Scintillation!” Specializing in experimental electronic music, many of his works feature really wide synths and effect-heavy percussion, often using reverses and filters. 

"Meridian" is one of his most successful soundscapes to date, and is part of his newest album, Transcendence. I’m not usually a fan of bird sounds in ambient music, largely because it’s done often, but this piece incorporates just the right amount. A bit of sidechaining here and there help give a nice push to the vast synth melody. It gets a bit ominous in the last minute, with some key modulation, but overall closes out in a good place. I hope you like it! You can download it on SoundCloud or Bandcamp (via the album title link). 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Machinist’s Opus - ChalkboardPoets

This is my newest so far. I’ve been playing around with machine sounds a lot, and really wanted to do something that incorporated them as percussion. 

Someone told me that it made him feel like he was “walking inside a wind-up toy.” It was said as a compliment, and I certainly took it as one… whatever the vibe you get from this is, I hope it’s a good one! Happy Monday. :-) 

I reposted this because the widget wasn’t playing when I edited it. If it still doesn’t work for you, use this link. :-) 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Last Remnants - Koreless

In contrast to the last post, this is a more low-key electronic sound. Koreless hails from London, England. Browsing through his SoundCloud, I’ve found that most of his music boasts of the same quiet energy that you’ll hear in this feature, “Last Remnants”. 

This producer’s approach is very minimalist. In this particular composition, sine and square waves combine with what sounds like marimba samples (or a very well-designed imitation) to make a slow but satisfying build-up, accented with extra effects. It never gets too over-the-top, but is very well-suited to a nice walk at dusk or a quiet moment spent thinking. The only contradiction to this is in the last ten seconds, which almost seem like they’re crossfading into another piece. Check him out here if you like! Enjoy, all. :-) 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Nocturne 1985 - Rhian Sheehan

New Zealander composer and producer Rhian Sheehan has recently released his newest album, Stories From Elsewhere. It’s full of really lovely soundscapes that mostly fit the ambient post-rock bill, but there are a few that also can be classified as bona-fide electronica, such as this piece.

"Nocturne 1985" is well-titled, as the synths that create quite a bit of the melodic content came from an 80’s Yamaha synthesizer. Sheehan gives completely in to the Tron-esque feel of this whole work, much to his own benefit. This piece was first released before the finishing touches that you’ll hear in this one, and even then, I liked it. This final mixdown expands the wide-atmospheric quality that defines most of Sheehan’s work, and the post-production cleanup gives the work a 21st Century edge that makes it relevant. I’m a tad obsessed with this one, I must admit. Hope you enjoy it! 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Thirst - City and Colour

Canadian alternative rock artist Dallas Green, known more commonly by his recording alias City and Colour is new to me, but research has told me that he’s been around a while. I like all genres of music. Believe it or not, alternative rock was my favorite genre up until I started college. This artist reminds me why. Ever accompanied by a revolving door of various rock, folk, and indie instrumentalists, City and Colour is shaping up become to the modern-day Santana of alternative.

"Thirst" is very energetic and foot-tapping, without being too over the top. Green’s clear, Freddie Mercury-meets-Jason-Mraz type voice will draw you in, if nothing else. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Float - Dailon

I’ve covered this artist a few times, but I hope you take that as a good sign— I do! Bay Area beatmaker Dailon is known for making wide, atmospheric and glitchy beats with vocal samples that change the original register of the voice. I’d say he’s one of the few that uses this technique well.

"Float" is appropriately titled; this piece is very dreamy, even in comparison to other works of Dailon’s— take a nap with this playing and you will surely find yourself on cloud nine. ;-) Head here to check out his sounds. Hope you float right through your day.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Wanderer - Amarante

Husband-and-wife duet Jysi and Josh Hewitt comprise the two members of Amarante (meaning “unfading flower” in French, Italian, or Ancient Greek, which is the language of origin for this word… you might notice the similarity to the word “amaranthe”). This band comes from Fresno, California. I suppose “indie” is the best way to categorize their light-footed, energetic style.

"The Wanderer" comes from their newest release, Udana Prana, which is on sale now if you check out their Bandcamp. This single features a latin-inspired beat that makes you want to salsa, tango, or even just do some nonspecific wiggling in rhythm. Jysi and Josh’s voices float above the instrumentation in dreamy, ringing tones. I’d say this is an earworm for sure, but better— you don’t have to worry about the radio ruining it for you by playing it to death. Enjoy, one and all!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Can’t Hold Us - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Ray Dalton

*EDIT* Official video added on 06/03/13

I figured I’d keep you on your toes with some video footage. Seattleite rapper Ben Haggerty, known by his stage name Macklemore, has gained recognition nationwide and beyond with his comrades. Via a combination of honest, slam-poetry reminiscent lyrics and flow from Ben, the beatmaking prowess of DJ/producer Ryan Lewis, and the talents of the group’s two instrumentalists, violinist Andrew Joslyn and trumpeteer Owuor Arunga, this outfit is becoming a slow but steady tour-de-force on the independent rap scene, with just enough mainstream recognition for people to be able to find their music on YouTube and in stores. 

"Can’t Hold Us"— coming off Macklemore’s newest album, "The Heist"—  is a high-energy, confident-but-not-cocky uptempo flow with a latin-inspired beat. In keeping with Macklemore’s usual style of having another artist sing the chorus, the hook is sung by the song’s featured guest, Ray Dalton (who has a great voice). 

"The Heist" is out now pretty much everywhere that one can purchase or listen to music… but if you’re not 100% sure you want to buy it, check it out on YouTube. 

 Also check out the video of this song on live radio.

CD lineup courtesy of YouTube user: ElipMix